The Essential Guide to Tasting, Talking, & Choosing Wine Like an Expert

Eager to sound intelligent and knowledgeable about wine during business and social situations? Want to skip the exhausting hours of intense study? Uncertain how to order wine for the table during client dinners?

More than ever before, your financial and social success depends on your ability to choose wine with confidence. In just a few minutes of breezing through this fun, easy-to-read resource you will discover:

  • how to quickly read and order from the wine list
  • secrets of sounding confident when you order a bottle of wine
  • sound self-assured … even when asking the sommelier for help
  • how to get a great wine when you have very little cash
  • face-saving tips for ordering wine for a large group of executives
  • how to find your “go-to” wine
  • two-minute “cheat sheet” to master wine & food pairing secrets
  • suave response: What to do when Sommelier/Server pours you a “taste”
  • tasting wine with confidence
  • three secret “wine words” that make you sound like an expert
  • how to taste great wine for free
  • how to differentiate “new world” wine from “old world” wine
  • the difference in style between the five most popular white varieties
  • the difference in style between the five most popular red varieties
  • how to create an keep a wine notebook (so you can remember those great wines!)
  • the power of wine stories … and how to find them


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